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Idapt charges into UK

Idapt i3 desktop charger
Idapt i3 desktop charger

Idapt_i3_desktop_chargerIdapt has been in touch to announce that its i2 and i3 universal chargers are available now in the UK. “It’s a very neat and affordable solution to charging chaos,” the spokesman told AG.

For those who’ve not seen the product before, it’s simple. A single device is plugged into the wall and interchangeable tips can be plugged into that – allowing different devices to be charged at the same time. Need to charge your other devices? Change the tips.

The products come with the “six most popular” quick-release charging tips (iPod/iPhone; microUSB; miniUSB; Nokia 2; Samsung 4; and Sony Ericsson 2). Extra tips cost £5.99, except for the AA/AAA battery charger tip which costs £11.99. According to Idapt the interchangeable tips, to cover 3,500+ devices.

Unusually for most chargers, it even has an ‘off’ switch.

The Idapt i2 model has two charging ports plus those six quick-release tips and costs £20. Meanwhile, the Idapt i3 adds an extra charging port and costs £30. The units come in black or silver finishes.