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Get a new Hyundai for under £500

hyundai i10
hyundai i10

hyundai-i10If you like your car Korean, then you will be able to buy a new one for £499. Car manufacturer Hyundai is offering people who bought one of their cars under the scrappage scheme to upgrade to a brand-new 10-plate model.

Customers will be offered the same £2000 off the price of the car as those that bought cars under the government scrappage scheme, even after that scheme ends.

The “Happy Returns” scheme anyone that bought a new i10, i20 or i30 last year under that scrappage deal a brand new Hyundai with the new ’10’ registration this March.

Buyers can swap cars up until its first anniversary. This will also have the effect of saving on a first service and new car tax as well. The new cars also come with a full five-year warranty.

Customers will only have to pay £499 for a new i10, £599 for an i20 and £749 for an i30. Customer can also trade up and down the range as well.

“We have learnt some valuable lessons from the 33,000 people who have bought cars from us under the scrappage scheme” said Tony Whitehorn, Hyundai’s managing director in the UK.

“They love transparent pricing. They hate haggling. And if they see a good deal they will snap it up. What we are offering post-scrappage will build on this experience and will change the way cars are bought in the UK for ever.”