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gogoDocs iPhones your Google Docs

gogodocs sounds broken
gogodocs sounds broken

gogodocs_sounds_brokenSod Android devices and their Google efficiency (you’re probably thinking if you own an Apple iPhone). The gogoDocs app from Sounds Broken claims to keep all of your documents handy by syncing your iPhone with your Google Docs account.

gogoDocs downloads documents to your iPhone while online, then lets you view them any time.

“Background syncing, blazing fast pdf viewer, automatic bookmarking, document filtering, and document sharing make gogoDocs an essential tool for all Google Docs users,” said a spokesman for Sounds Broken.

gogoDocs 1.0 works with iPhone OS 3.0 or higher and any generation of the iPhone or iPod Touch. It is currently available from the Apple App Store for $1.99, with the regular price being $2.99.

Features include:
* Document Sync – “Get instant anywhere access to any document, spreadsheet, presentation, or pdf you have synced. Great for flights, subway travel – any place your internet connection is unreliable.”
* Document Stars – “Ensure important docs are synced by just starring them. And change the starred status of docs right from your phone for streamlined management.”
* Syncing Options – “Synchronise starred documents to your phone by default, or have all or none of your documents synced.”
* Long pdf Support – “Frustrated with other viewers that crawl and crash on long documents? gogoDocs handles long pdfs with ease.”
* Automatic Bookmarking – “Continue reading where you left off when you revisit saved documents.”
* Document List Filtering – “Filter your documents by type, synced status, starred status, or visibility to find what you need faster.”
* Document Sharing – “Need to share a great doc? Email any of your saved documents as attachments.”
* Portrait and Landscape document viewing – “Pinch or double tap to zoom.”