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O2 gets bigger in broadband

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o2_logoO2 is currently the top choice for broadband, according to independent broadband comparison website Broadband Genie. Despite being a long way off breaking into the ‘big 5’ (BT, TalkTalk, Virgin, Sky and Orange) of fixed-line broadband operators, Broadband Genie’s editor Chris Marling said O2 “has great traction going into 2009”.

“In terms of straight independent broadband comparison, O2 was a way ahead of its rivals in sales going through Broadbandgenie.co.uk,” he added.

Home broadband products from O2 were chosen by almost twice as many Broadband Genie visitors than any other brand.

BT and Virgin also performed well, alongside smaller niche providers such as PlusNet, Post Office and BE.

However, Marlin said that Sky, TalkTalk and Orange are well set up to convert their existing customers to broadband products.

“And while they have strong brands, they simply don’t compare that well via straight comparison, or have overly complicated deals and websites that put off some consumers,” he added.

O2 recently announced that it would be offering its broadband customers a home phone service.