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Wii Fit Plus get government endorsement

wii fit
wii fit

wii_fitNanny knows best and apparently in the Brave New World of government-sanctioned computer games, Wii Fit Plus is now part of the new order.

Nintendo has one the right to put the NHS’s Change4Life logo in marketing for the company’s fitness games. This marks the first time that such a game has been endorsed by the UK’s Department of Health.

While the Wii Fit certainly encourages fatties to lose weight (more so than say Resident Evil) it’s hard to tell if such marketing will stop the coming of the fatopocalypse.

A Department for Health spokesperson told the Telegraph: “Active video games, where kids need to jump up and down or dance about as part of the game, are a great way to get kids moving.”

Change4Life is an NHS initiative to help combat obesity by getting people to stop watching television and going out and doing more exercise. Sugary drinks manufacturers Cadbury and Pepsi have also stumped up funds for the programme designed to stop people consuming ever greater quantities of sugary drinks and fatty foods such as chocolate.

WiiFit has already sold 2.9 million units in the UK with the Wii selling six million consoles.