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District 9 game on the cards?

Neill Blomkamp District 9
Neill Blomkamp District 9

Neill_Blomkamp_District_9Hugely enjoyable sci-fi thriller District 9 has man meeting aliens for the first time. Cue repression, conspiracy and lots of action. While AG was sitting there looking at the cool alien weaponry, we couldn’t help thinking what an ace game it would make. Seems we’re not the only ones…

Asked if he’d be happy to make a District 9 game, director Neill Blomkamp’s response was: “Totally.”

“And it’s actually conducive to a game as well,” he continues. “I like seeing Johannesburg and this third-world environment meet sci-fi.”

“I would also love to see Johannesburg and Soweto represented in a digital interactive environment. I’d love a whole bunch of models in a videogame and a game company to build a digital Soweto.”