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Brits get fever if they’re not staying online

bt total broadband anywhere 2
bt total broadband anywhere 2

bt_total_broadband_anywhere_2You might get the same horrible feeling we do when we are nowhere near a computer. Don’t wory, we are not the only ones. A new survey has found that two thirds of the UK love being online all of the time and feel stressed when not on the internet.

The research, commissioned by cable TV people Virgin Media and carried out by the The Future Laboratory, has even given people who get less stressed when connected “SOSOs” – Switch on, switch off. This means people who love being connected to technology while get anxious when offline.

Over a third (35 per cent) get fretful if they cannot stay in touch with friends and family online and 31 per cent get most anxious about not being able to work or make money online. Another 27 per cent were worried about not being in contact with friends.

“SOSOs know that, even if they wish to take some time out, the modern world will continue without them,” said psychologist Nik Simpson.

“At any moment, an urgent email may ping into an inbox, a client may call, an old friend may get in touch via facebook or a family member may want to get in touch.

“Disconnecting from technology might mean missing something we cannot afford to. Always being connected actually becomes increasingly essential for peace of mind, further reinforcing SOSO values,” Simpson added.