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Review: Sony Ericsson S312 mobile phone

sonyericsson s312
sonyericsson s312

With a cheap phone, people often assume that it is probably put together with Blu-tack and sticky tape. Sony Ericsson has other ideas with a full-featured champagne phone for lemonade money.

The S312 comes with not a lot of accessories. In fact, the small box only contains the handset, a battery, a charger and the manual. It is a quite attractive device and feels light enough, measuring 100 by 46 by 12.5mm. It weighs 80.1g so light in the trouser department. The phone’s battery gives eight hours talk time and 400 hours on standby.

The 2-inch display has a resolution of 176 by 220 pixels. It is quite shiny, in fact shiny enough to use as a mirror should you so wish. Underneath the keypad looks like not a a millimetre has been wasted. The navigational key is rather nifty and the call control and quick launch buttons are easy to use.

As usual on the side of the phone is the proprietary connector. Personally we can’t wait for this to be phased out when USB becomes the norm. It really takes away from the look of the phone.

This quad-band phone also sports a 2-megapixel camera that can record video as well. This can be controlled by buttons on the right-hand side of the phone. There is also an LED flash.

Add to that a music player that can play a variety of formats including, MP3, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA, and you start to realise that this cheap phone packs a little more punch than you would expect. The music functions are a little bit more difficult to use than on specialist Walkman phones. You would have to go out and buy headphones as an extra. This would also be needed should you want to use the FM radio. IT also sports TrackID and can support up to 4GB using the M2 memory stick.

Overall, the S312 is a good, reliable phone with a lot more features than your normal budget phone and quite attractive as well.

Rating: 8/10