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iPhone hears the sound of TomToms

TomTom iphone app logo
TomTom iphone app logo

TomTom_iphone_app_logoDon’t you get in trouble for using your mobile whilst driving?  Well, TomTom’s bringing the two things together by bringing its sat-nav shenanigans to that iPhone thingy which is apparently popular with “da kidz” these days.

The TomTom app includes all the gumpf you’d expect from a full piece of kit – navigation software with automatic re-routing, demo routes, night and day modes, safety camera alerts, and the option to have the whole thing in Catalan if you like (OK, there are 18 languages in all, but Catalan is the most entertainingly obscure).

And since it’s on the iPhone, expect the usual gesturing malarkey as well as the ability to navigate to contacts in your address book.

“With TomTom for iPhone, millions of iPhone users can now benefit from the same easy-to-use and intuitive interface, turn-by-turn spoken navigation and unique routing technology that our 30 million portable navigation device users rely on every day,” said Corinne Vigreux, TomTom’s MD.

The app, as well as extra info, is available from TomTom’s website.  The version with UK and Ireland maps will set you back £59.99, or you can add the rest of western Europe for twenty squids more.