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Apple to break O2’s iPhone deal?


iphone_3gs_small.jpgIt was bound to happen eventually, and reports are coming in that O2 is set to lose its iPhone-exclusivity deal as early as September. According to Mobile Today, Apple is looking to offer the iPhone 3G to Orange and T-Mobile in order to boast sales.  Both companies already sell the wunderphone in other countries.

Apparently, “sources said O2 has been furious with the news and is concerned potential rivals will undercut its prices on the older model.” 

However, Apple is allegedly planning to offer O2 exclusivity on the new, faster 3GS model.

O2’s pricing of the iPhone is believed to have put off British consumers, who are reportedly importing the phones from overseas and unlocking them for UK use (although obviously that ‘hacktivation’ has its problems). 

Mobile Today says a source at 3 claims there are “thousands” of iPhones on its network.

T-Mobile has issued a “no comment” to mocoNews, whilst Orange is yet to say anything.

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