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Top 10 iPhone 3G S games for free

apple iphone 3g
apple iphone 3g

apple_iphone_3g.jpgIf you have a shiny new iPhone 3G S, you will know that it is expensive to buy on pay-as-you-go and even the tariffs are more expensive than for your lesser smartphones. But even if you considered selling a kidney to buy the highly desirable Jesusphone, rest assured that we at Absolute Gadget have scoured the internet to find you the top ten free games you can play on the phone (so you won’t have to sell the other kidney as well!)

Tap Tap Revenge
Company: Tapulous

Of course you could get Guitar Hero on tour but that would be like spending money and you have done that already. What better than to download this similar style game. The game lets you download real songs from real musician for free. You just tap along to the rhythm and if you are good enough you win points.

The graphics ain’t half bad and you can upload your scores to the interweb to boast to your friends.

Aurora Feint II: Tower Puzzles
Company: Aurora Feint

This fantasy puzzle game see you attempting to clear all the spheres in the game in order to progress. But in order to do so you only have a limited number of moves.

Flicking your finger at the touchscreen of your iPhone gets the game moving along and there are more than 30 levels to complete. The game is a little taster for the company’s paid-for offerings, Aurora Feint II: Arena Daemons and Aurora Feint II: The Beginning.

Company: Flashbang Studios

This game can have you guessing what exactly the game is trying to be if you went by just pictures of the game. But playing it reveals that it is very similar in nature to Puzzle Bobble.

You have to shoot balls from one part of the screen to the other to make matching sets of balls. The game ingeniously uses the phone’s accelerometer to guide the balls to the intended target.

Company: TapJoy

If, like some of older people you remember playing Missile Command as a kid then you will love TapDefense. Of course you may well want to pay out for much lauded Fieldrunners or Star Defense but that games free sibling may be worth downloading.

While not up there with some other paid-for efforts, the game is reasonable enough to play. You will be occupied for hours keeping the mediaeval marauders out of your tower.

Jelly Car
Company: Walaber

Never let it be said that the cute games aren’t challenging. This game uses the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer to steer around the track and repeated tapping of the screen can make the car blow up to several times its size.

Obstacles adore every level and you have to steer around them in you car that is made out of jelly. The game has come along since its first inception and still wows with its sound track and gameplay.

The Corsair
Company: PDA Mill

While PDA owners have to stump up for the privilege of playing this game, iPhone and iPod Touch owners can get it for nowt. This pirate-based shooting game has you shooting down, err, pirates and their ilk.

While the game is not as visually appealing as others offered on the platform, it certainly gives the others a run for their money.

Lemonade Tycoon
Company: EA

Of course EA make premium games and you would expect a premium price on this financial strategy game, but no, it’s zilch. In this piece of Americana, you look after you very own lemonade stand. You can change your recipe, your price and location in order to get as many punters exchanging money for refreshing beverage.

The game allows you to run marketing campaigns to sell your fizzy sugar drink. Me thinks, more tycoon games could be in the offing.

Wild West Pinball
Company: Gameprom

No computer system would be complete nowadays without some form of pinball game and true to its word, the iPhone has one with great 3D graphics. The table works in the way a pinball should, we wonder where you can tilt the table in case the ball gets stuck.

As you can guess from the name the game is based on the Wild West and so is full of different missions, cowboy-styled bumpers and you can even rob a bank as well. The game features an online scoreboard.

Company: ngmoco

If you want something a little out of the ordinary then Mazefinger is the game from you. The game is really simple, you move your finger on the touchscreen around a maze, simple as that.

However, there is a little more than meets the eye. There are objectives to be met in the highly visual game. And with 1000 mazes to complete, that train journey will become a little more bearable.

Ball Fill
Company: Eye Cog

This game is only free for a short time, so grab it while you can. This is another ball filling-type game where you inflate a ball and fill up the screen with these balls. Touching a ball inflates it. But while you inflate the baddies are trying to puntuce your balls.

Taking your finger off the screen protects the balls from the enemies and once you have filled the level with enough balls you’re done. On higher levels the baddies become faster, more numerous and well makes the game harder. But you wanted a challenge, didn’t you?