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LG boils up BD and Freeview+

lg hr400 blu ray player freeview recorder
lg hr400 blu ray player freeview recorder

lg_hr400_blu-ray_player_freeview_recorder.jpg“Featuring the latest Blu-ray technology, an integrated digital Freeview+ recorder, video on demand, BD Live and a built in 160GB hard drive, the HR400 is the ultimate…” We’re hoping this statement from an LG spokesman ends in the word kettle!

“…home entertainment package.” Oh well, that’ll do.
The HR400 is LG’s first Blu-ray player with an integrated digital Freeview+ recorder and that video on demand comes from access to YouTube.

BD Live uses the internet to download or watch bonus content from Blu-ray discs and the built-in 160GB hard disk drive (HDD) is large enough to record up to 477 hours of TV programmes.

And obviously it has all the usual PVR functions, such as pausing, playing and rewinding live TV at the touch of a button.
Plus, it’s 1080p Full HD for high-def content.
“Encased in a slim and classic design” is the kind of phrase manufacturers like to trot out while ignoring their pudgy, ugly products, but thankfully it fits this one to a tee.

The HR400 will be available from the end of July 2009 and Amazon.co.uk has it listed at a price of £361.68.