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PC World opens Windows 7 pre-orders

pc world logo new
pc world logo new

pc_world_logo_new.jpgThose folks over the pond might be pre-ordering mobile phones, but in Blighty we’re getting the opportunity to pre-order Windows 7. Where in the world can I do that? Funny you should ask…

Yes, PC World has infected our brains with its jingle and now it wants to make recompense by selling us Microsoft’s latest operating system. (Please hold the “two wrongs don’t make a right” jokes, Apple fans).

The company says it’s the first to announce a pre-order service in UK and the software will be available at more than 50 per cent off the recommended retail price. Hell, it’ll even throw in a free PC health check worth £29.99.

Pre-orders are available at the PC World website from the 15th July, guaranteeing any UK buyer a copy of the new operating system when it arrives on shelves in October.
“Priced from just £49.99, the Windows 7 Premium operating system is available via the pre-order service at 66 off the recommended retail price of £149.99,” a PC World spokesman said.

“Windows 7 Pro will be available for only £99.99 when pre-ordered, a discount of 54 per cent.”

The bundled free PC health check will then be available via the TechGuys at any PC World store nationwide, using a 50 point program including a spyware and virus scan and free consultation and advice on improving PC performance.