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O2 launches tech support service

o2 logo
o2 logo

o2_logo.jpgMobile phone operator O2 would like very much to fix your computer, for a small fee of course.

titled "O2 Tech Support", the service rivals those from Geek Squad and
the Tech Guys. According to O", users of the service will "benefit from
a range of expert technical services providing peace of mind for all
their home and business electronic needs".

The range of services
include help with home and mobile broadband as well as "removing a
virus, setting up software, linking up home cinema systems or even
connecting to a CCTV system".

The new service can be signed up to at the company’s website www.o2.co.uk with a minimum 3-month term starting at £7.34 per month, or "Pay as
You Use" from £14.69 where O2 offers a "No Fix – No Fee"

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