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Elonex eBook reader pops up on Border’s bookshelves


Amazon has
its Kindle and Sony and Nintendo also have them as well. So now Elonex
has come out with an alternative to something printed on pulped dead

The Ebook 600EB will set you back £189 but will have 100 ebooks thrown into the deal.

device is the result of a collaboration with book retailers Borders.
The reader has control buttons are located on the left hand side and on
the bottom left.

What the reader doesn’t have is a keyboard or a
wireless connection. That said, it has a 6-inch screen and is only 9mm
thick. There is also an SD card slot, an AC power input and a mini-USB
port so you can hook it up to a computer to download files. It also
comes with 4GB of memory, enough to store upto 8,000 books.

device uses the Adobe Digital Editions software to render the book on
the eInk screen. This also allows users to download and manage eBooks
bought from Borders or other outlets.

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