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10-inch notebooks are current standard

asus 1008ha
asus 1008ha

Asus 1008The market for ultra-teeny notebooks is moving towards a consensus, according to the spokesman for Asus. Buying habits are showing a move to a particular screen size and governing the technology within.

“The market is moving towards a 10-inch screen,” the Asus Pr guy told Absolute Gadget recently. “That is the form factor consumers want.”

However, that doesn’t spell the end of the road for the 9-inch models that Asus currently sells.

“The 701 and 901 EeePC models will continue to be a part of the Asus range as long as there is demand for them,” he added.

Consumers also have some sway over the internal components, according to the spokesman.

“The market is not ready for solid state drives yet because consumers still want the big hard drive,” he revealed.

“However, the market will eventually drive the uptake of that technology.”



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