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ClanBase introduces Quake Live

quakelive beta logo
quakelive beta logo

Quake Live beta logoGot web browser? Got free time while the boss isn’t looking? Then you should be playing Quake! ClanBase has added a free version of the first-person shooter to its growing list of games, allowing you to play online with just an add-on to your browser.

Quake Live is a free game supported by advertisement that looks very much like Quake 3 Arena, but unlike its predecessor, it’s played via a web browser.

The special browser plug-in is optimised so that even low budget desktop systems are able to run it at a stable 100+ frames per second. However, it does require faster CPU and graphic card than Quake 3 Arena.

The game’s maps, game modes and weapons all come from Q3 and Q3: Team Arena – although some maps have been remade and altered based on feedback from beta testers.

There are six game modes included for online game play: Duel, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Free For All, Clan Arena and Instagib (FFA).

Every online match played on a ranked server is stored for one month along with its relevant information such as frags, deaths and weapon accuracy, so you can continue to gloat over the remains of your enemies.

“This wouldn’t be possible without the help of id Software and we would like to express our deepest thanks to id Software for its support,” said a statement from ClanBase.

ClanBase said it would launch several competitions for the various game types very soon, beginning with the Duel and TDM modes using the traditional ClanBase cup system.