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Asus 1008 out today

asus t 91 tablet notebook
asus t 91 tablet notebook

Asus T-91Last week we got up close and personal with the latest Asus notebooks and one of those is hitting stores today. The Asus 1008 (AKA the Seashell) is the Macbook Air of the teeny laptop world – has a slim form factor that’s bound to turn heads. And not in an Exorcist way.

“The 1008 is Asus’ first EEPC to have an LED screen,” the Asus PR guy tells us.

Those looking for a little more battery life should head to the Asus 1009, which costs £349 and includes a Lithium Ion battery for “all-day computing”.



Meanwhile, the T-91 Tablet will be available at the end of May. “The notebook components make it affordable,” the PR guys reveals.



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