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Vodafone gets appy


Vodafone logoApple may be boasting about its 10 squintillionth app download, but Steve and his underlings are going to have to step up their game because Vodafone has announced its own app store.

Considering that the Berkshire firm is the world’s biggest phone manufacturer, you’d think that it’d be crowing about all the people the new store can reach.  And you’d be right.  Here’s precisely what they reckon will be the benefits for developers:
* “A single point of access to millions of Vodafone customers across the globe
* Faster time to market for new products and services across several operating systems and handsets
* Enhanced revenue stream opportunities
* Simplified micro-payments for services through the use of Vodafone’s existing billing systems”

And as for customers:
* “A greater selection of more compelling internet applications and services
* More convenience and greater flexibility in paying for new services
* A simpler and more intuitive mobile internet experience
* Consistent quality of service across the entire Vodafone footprint”

Vodafone had better hope it hits the ground running, mind, as Blackberry already has an app store and Nokia’s going to launch one later this month too – the biggest launch yet, with 20,000 apps available from the start.

We’re waiting for someone to release an app that turns your handset into a mobile circa 1997, thus turning the whole world upside-down.

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