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Memorex products coming to the UK

memorex compact travel speaker clock
memorex compact travel speaker clock

Memorex compact travel speaker ipod dock and clock“Forty per cent of the consumer electronics spend is by women,” the PR guy for Memorex tells us. “Yet all the manufacturers are only addressing the male market.” Which leads nicely onto Memorex’s range of iPod docks, including one that looks like a handbag…

The miniMove is a portable boombox and will be “out in the UK soon” for £59, having already debuted in Europe. It’s main function is as an iPod dock, although it will take a line in to connect any player.

It’s also battery powered on the move, using interchangeable batteries you can buy in the shops rather than an internal one you’ve got to get to a power socket once it dies.


We also liked the look of Memorex’s Compact Travel Speaker, again out in Europe but due here soon. It doubles as a clock for extra travel functionality and has a carry case to keep it shiny and new on your treks. And it folds flat for easy carriage.



If you’re looking for serious alarm functions, the Mi4290p should sort you out. It has a clever button to sync the time on your iPhone with the clock and allows you to set two separate alarm times so two people can get out of bed at different times.  

It also lets you sleep in at the weekends, with the ability to set your alarm for weekdays, set a different one for weekends or have the same one run over all seven days.


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