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Get instant traffic news on your mobile

garmin nuvi
garmin nuvi

garmin_nuvi.jpgIf you are
wondering why there is a big traffic jam, it’s not all down to careless
drivers updating Twitter, it’s the Easter holidays you know. But if you
really want to cut out the jams this weekend, then the helpful people
at the Highways Agency have come up with a new mobile service.

you don’t want to use the mobile website when you are behind the wheel.
But your passengers may wish to access live traffic information while
on the move.

the new website is an extention of the present
desktop-based one and provides updates from the Agency’s National
Traffic Control Centre with regional and
national information on incidents, traffic jams, road closures and
where traffic is
ok (a small section of the site we presume).

According to the
website, people are already on their Easter hols since lunchtime with
45 per cent more vehicles on the road than a normal Thursday at 2pm. As
much as 80 per cent more traffic could be on the road by 10pm tonight.

"Planning your journey to avoid any congestion hotspots can take the
stress out of the first day of the holiday so that everyone arrives at
their destination happy and ready to enjoy themselves," said Denise Plumpton, Highways Agency director of information.


Thousands of
people already take advantage of our website to check the latest
traffic information before they leave; now we are making that same
information much easier to access when people are away from their PC

Live traffic information

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