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Flip Video MinoHD hits the UK

pure digital flip video minohd
pure digital flip video minohd

Pure Digital Flip Video MinoHD UK launch 7 AprilSure, Sony’s been crowing about the smallest, lightest Full HD camcorder – but it’ll most likely cost more than £800! Meanwhile, Flip Video is "a pioneer in developing simple, affordable digital imaging solutions for the mass market". Sounds like just the ticket in these credit crunch times…

“We are launching the world’s smallest high-definition pocket camcorder – the Flip Video MinoHD – in the UK and it will be widely available for sale from 7 April,” the PR guy tells us.

“Weighing just three ounces, the Flip MinoHD is lighter than a TV remote control and produces stunning HD picture clarity.”

With its signature flip-out USB stick, the MinoHD allows users to instantly view, edit and upload videos to popular sharing sites, including YouTube and MySpace.

It also includes brand new on-board software, FlipShare – which makes it easier than ever to customise and share videos.

Still not impressed? What if we told you that Flip fans already include Lilly Allen, Jessica Alba, Oprah Winfrey, The Ting Tings, Chris Martin, Miley Cyrus, and U2?

“As the MinoHD is high definition it produces stunning picture clarity even in low light, with vibrant HD 720p video containing about five times more information than standard-definition images,” the PR guy continues, while our mind wanders off to Lilly Allen, Jessica Alba and Oprah Winfrey playing with their handheld Flip camcorders. No not like that…

Other features of the MinoHD include:
* One-touch recording
* Digital zoom
* Instant playback, pause, fast forward, rewind, zoom and delete
* Inbuilt 4GB memory to record up to 60 minutes of HD-quality video.
* Fully compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

“The product has become one of the most successful camcorders in the US and there has been substantial interest in an HD product from the UK so we are delighted to now launch here,” said Ray Sangster, EMEA President at Flip Video.

“With YouTube and Vimeo both now offering HD channels, sharing HD quality is even easier, so the timing is perfect.”

And with an RRP of £169.99, it’s likely to be a hell of a lot less than the (albeit Full HD) Sony Handycam HDR-TG7VE.