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Apple rules over the waves


You may be aware that we recently travelled to a faraway land and journeyed across its many different states. And what we found is that Apple’s products truly rule over the waves. Not just in a music-player sense, but in the way they have dug down into the very culture… 

Need proof? Ok then you bunch of cynics. First up, having tried every fast food option known to the American peoples (except Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits, which smells so foul you can whiff it blocks away) we naturally stopped off at one point in Burger King. And what has the King called his fries holder? A frypod… 



Still not convinced? Well what about this food menu outside a restaurant in Memphis? Not content with simply listing the choices for all to see, the sign’s creator has styled it like an iPhone menu – clearly showing how quickly that device has become an icon. 





Still not convinced? Jees, you’re a tough crowd. But even the hardest of cynics can’t fault this one. When you absolutely, positively have to have an iPod within the next two seconds where do you go? The Apple store? No way you’re letting that sales chatter slow down your purchase. Nope, the only thing you can do is bundle into Macy’s and get one from the iPod vending machine (along with a lot of Belkin and V-Moda accessories). 





And until we see the same respect given to other products, we declare Apple the winner. 


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