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TomTom frees Europe

tomtom one satnav
tomtom one satnav

TomTome OneDid you know that in Portugal, drivers are not permitted to carry a bicycle on the rear of the car, and in Spain, drivers who wear glasses must have a spare pair with them in the car at all times? Well TomTom‘s Help Me! emergency menu does, as it provides specific safety advice and information on driving laws applicable in different countries. And you can get that Euro knowledge for free from now until 20 April.

Yes, TomTom is helping drivers heading abroad beat the credit crunch by giving them European maps for the price of a UK/Ireland sat-nav model.

The following models are available with significant savings (although prices are set by retailers and may vary):

TomTom ONE Europe 22 (£127)
"Easy to use straight out of the box, the TomTom one gets you from A to B, stress-free. This model is compact, light and comes with the convenient folding TomTom EasyPort mount. Also includes TomTom Help Me! emergency menu and Map Share service. Comes with maps of 22 European countries.”

TomTom XL Europe 22 (£146)
“All the benefits of the TomTom ONE, with a widescreen 4.3" display, the TomTom XL Europe is simple to operate, light and portable with a folding EasyPort mount for fast and easy stowing when not in use. Also comes with maps of 22 European countries.”

TomTom GO 730 (£245)
“This award-winning device comes with maps of 31 Western and Eastern European countries, and offers advanced navigation and safety features such as Bluetooth hands-free calling, fixed safety camera alerts, advanced lane guidance and TomTom’s unique IQ Routes intelligent routing system.”

TomTom GO 740 LIVE (£274)
“A top-of-the-range navigator with a host of useful ‘over the air’ LIVE Services including real-time traffic information (TomTom HD Traffic), Fuel Price Search, Google Search, fixed and mobile safety camera alerts and five-day weather reports. Also includes seamless maps of 31 European countries, TomTom IQ Routes, advanced lane guidance, as well as full voice command and control.”

TomTom says that’s not the end of the credit-crunching features, though.

“Sat nav devices are proven to reduce the number of miles driven, and therefore the amount of fuel used, saving the owner money and also reducing CO2 emissions,” a spokesman says.

“TomTom’s unique IQ Routes technology is based on the real average speed of roads, and calculates each route according to the specific time of day and day of the week, which means drivers can be sure of the most efficient route for every journey, whether in Margate or Marbella.”