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OmniMount plays to its strengths


You want to hang that 50-inch flat screen TV on your wall. But despite its svelte appearance, it’s still 56Kg of heft! And you’ve only got £240 to spend. What’s that OmniMount, you think you can help?

Yeah, the latest addition to OmniMount’s WorldMount Series of flat screen wall brackets is the 4N1-Large design.

Despite its "compact dimensions" (a 15-inch x 30-inch footprint) and "competitive" £240 price tag, it holds screens measuring up to 50-inches and weighing a back-breaking 56Kg – that’s nearly 10 stone to you and me.

"It’s a superbly engineered solution for those seeking to easily and discreetly hang their new large flat screen TVs," says the OmniMount spokesman, using the word solution in anger.

"And it’s the ideal mount for consumers looking to display their screen at any angle with the minimum of fuss."

Those angles will certainly be helped by a 4-in-1 functionality that means it can fix, tilt, pan and swivel for maximum viewing angles – all at "touch of a finger" manoeuvrability.

So, what does your £240 get you? Well, there’s:
* A metal and polymer injection-moulded body
* Universal rails for greater panel compatibility
* Integrated cable management to hide wires
* Low mounting profile
* Proprietary Lift ’n’ Lock technology for easy installation