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TomTom is your new Facebook friend

tomtom hd traffic widget facebook bebo
tomtom hd traffic widget facebook bebo

TomTom HD Traffic widget Facebook Bebo iGoogle real-time traffic information Why did the sat-nav company join social networking? To get you to the other side of the road. Doesn’t work without a chicken does it? Still, TomTom really has embraced social networking and now lets you view real-time traffic information on the net using a downloadable widget.

The TomTom HD Traffic widget, a personal traffic application for the internet, allows users to check the latest traffic info on their own personal web pages.

That includes sites such as Facebook, Bebo and iGoogle.

Users can tailor the information to see traffic delays on their route, or in their region, in both minutes and miles, in their preferred language.

The precise traffic delay times can help drivers to plan their day more efficiently, as they can decide the best time to set off on their journey, for example.

The HD Traffic widget is available now for customers in the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany and Switzerland.

Corinne Vigreux, TomTom’s managing director, said it “illustrated the company’s commitment to making TomTom’s leading traffic service available to as many people as possible.”