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Spotify hacked

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Everyone’s Favourite New Internet ThingyTM, so it’s
unsurprising that those nefarious ne’er-do-wells, the hackers,
would strike. And strike they have, running off into the distance
giggling while hefting a bulging sack of personal details.

A bug in
the system was discovered and patched up back on December 19th,
but the company has confirmed that the hole had been exploited, and
thousands have had their details – read "passwords,
registration information such as your email address, birth date,
gender, postal code and billing receipt details" nicked.

The good
news: if you signed up after the 19th, you’re safe,
and no credit card numbers have been exposed. However, if you were a
member before then, Spotify recommends you change your password.

doubling our efforts to keep the systems secure in order to prevent
anything like this from happening again," said the company in a