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O2 wants to run your family life

o2 joggler
o2 joggler

notes stuck the fridge door could become a thing of the past if O2 gets
its way. The mobile operator wants us to use a touchscreen device to
keep families in check.

Called the Joggler, the seven-inch
display shows a calendar to store appointments and deadlines. IT
connects via Ethernet or wireless to update information and text you if
you have forgotten to do something.

Luckily, the screen doesn’t
use a sim so it can be used by anyone regardless of whether they’re an
O2 user or not – but will only send text messages to O2 users. Even
then you will only get 50 free text from the Joggler. O2 punters can
also sign up to the calendar service without having to buy a Joggler.

Joggler also features weather, traffic and news updates, and can play
video, games and music, but not from your iTunes library. It can also
be used as a a digital photo frame and sports 1GB of storage. It also
has a digital radio to boot.

Alistair Johnston, marketing director for Telefónica O2 UK, said:
"We’ve developed the O2 Joggler with today’s busy families in mind. It
has been purpose built to help families better organise their lives."

The Joggler will be on sale from early April, for
£149.99 or free for O2 customers if you want to miss out on a handset upgrade.