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Resident Evil turns the Xbox red

xbox 360 red resident evil
xbox 360 red resident evil

Microsoft Red Xbox 360 Resident Evil 5 Limited Edition ConsoleResident Evil is finally using its undead legs to shamble onto the Xbox 360 console. So Microsoft has today unveiled a red version of the games machine that will ship the same day as the latest version of the game.


The Xbox 360 Resident Evil Limited Edition console bundle will be on sale Friday 13 March, along with Resident Evil 5.

Microsoft said fans will enjoy the “same premium Xbox 360 Elite experience at an even greater value”, although no price has yet been announced for the bundle.

The set includes a copy of Resident Evil 5, limited edition red wireless controller, black Xbox 360 Headset, a 120GB Hard Drive and an exclusive Resident Evil 5 theme that can be downloaded via Xbox Live.

The game features a new two-player cooperative experience that can see players with an Xbox Live Gold Membership teaming up to whoop zombie ass.

“To further provide a taste of the full entertainment experience available on Xbox Live, fans will also receive a bonus card to download the hit Xbox Live Arcade title from Capcom, Super Street Fighter ll Turbo HD Remix,” a Microsoft suit promised.