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Samsung announces PL10 9MP camera


It’ll be available from April 2009 in a range of colours including silver, royal black, arty red, candy pink and purple. But what will the PL10 offer for your £179?


Well, there’s that 9-megapixel count; a “Smart Auto” scene recognition feature; a “Smart Album” digital contents management system; face detection and recognition; a frame guide; and a Personal Multimedia Player (PMP).

Here what Samsung had to say:
Smart Auto (Scene Recognition)
“The PL10 features Samsung’s new “Smart Auto” (Scene Recognition) technology which has 11 optimized picture pre-settings such as Portrait, Night portrait, Macro, Macro Colour etc – helping people take the perfect shot regardless of the conditions. You can also use these settings when sorting through your photos – making it quick and easy to find all the portraits, outdoor or macro shots you’ve taken.”

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Smart Album
“The camera features Samsung’s new unique ‘Smart Album’ Digital Contents Management system; a program within the camera that significantly reduces the time it takes to find your favourite photos – so it’s quicker and easier to store and manage your photo collection. The clever navigation program automatically organizes photos based on the date they were taken, their contents, colour, or themes – so you’ll never have an excuse for losing a photo again.”

Face Detection and Recognition
“The 9-megapixel PL10 takes Samsung’s Face Detection technology to a new level – the camera actually recognizes the people you’re taking photos of. Face Recognition prioritises friends, family and those you photograph most and then allows you to search through your photos on your camera by your favourite faces.
Samsung’s Perfect Portrait System comes as standard in the new range; “Face Detection” locates the subject’s face within the frame and automatically adjusts auto focus and auto exposure to ensure better composition and image quality for portraits; in “Blink Detection Mode” the camera will take a series of shots when closed eyes are detected so friends and family are always captured with their eyes open; in “Smile Mode” a picture is automatically taken when smiles are detected and, in “Beauty Shot” mode, facial skin is retouched for a brighter and smoother skin tone.  Samsung’s Self Portrait is also included within the PL10 – a beep sounds when faces are positioned centrally so you don’t have to be behind the camera to take the perfect shot.
The PL10 also showcases Samsung’s latest Digital Image Stabilisation technology to prevent blurring from handshake when shooting without flash in low light conditions.  Couple this with a highly sensitive ISO 3200 setting that offers a faster response to light and you can capture great low light shots without needing any flash.”

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Frame Guide
“The PL10 features Samsung’s new Frame guide which means you no longer need to rely on the technological capabilities of strangers for perfect holiday snaps.  When you use the setting, the camera takes a ghost picture of your desired shot and displays a template when you pass the camera over to someone else – ensuring they take the picture you want them to take.”

Multimedia Function
“The PL10 is equipped with a 2.7-inch LCD and PMP (Personal Multimedia Player) with integrated MP3 player so you can instantly access your favourite movies and tunes with the touch of a button.  Create slideshows of your photos with your own MP3 songs as a soundtrack or watch movies on the large screen whilst you’re on the move – with the PL10 always ready to shoot, you never miss a moment.