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Can the PS3 play PS2 discs?

ps3 small
ps3 small

ps3_small.jpgAs some of you are probably aware, the PS3 has a hard time of running
PS2 games (due to the fact backwards compatibility was not top issue
for Sony when designing its differently successful console). So this
latest video has certainly got us in the office rummaging around for
our old PS2 discs to see if it’s true.

The video shows a 40GB PlayStation 3 in what appears to be "Factory
Mode". A disc of Formula One 04 is placed within the PS3’s disc loader
and then after around 30 seconds wait, the game springs into life.

Already some have called the video a fake, but we are not sure either
way. We’d like to know your opinions on this one please. Our contact
details are on the website.

{moseasymedia media=http://www.youtube.com/watch/v/fPiPIviAUU0}

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