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Nokia gets Eco with charger-less N79


Maybe every
time you bought a new Nokia phone you didn’t quite know what to do with
the old Nokia charger you have. Well Nokia reckons it can save the
planet by selling you an new Nokia N79 minus the charger.

N79 Eco comes sans charger and according to the Finnish phone giant,
this means less packaging and therefore less harm to the environment
(OK let’s not start talking about the dangerous chemicals used to
produce most mobile phones these days).

Of course, if you don’t
have a charger, then you will have to go out and buy one (plus all the
accompanying packages that goes with it).

That said it does
come with HSDPA, five megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, 4GB microSD card,
FM transmitter, full QWERTY keyboard and pre-loaded games. There is
also 32GB of integrated storage, so you can ditch your iPhone (Nokia

The phone will cost £319 sim-free with £4 going to the WWF. The phone is slated for release on 31 March. Play.com has the details.

A few days earlier, Nokia also bought out the N79 Active, which does come with a charger.

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