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DS smashes “most consoles sold in one month” record

nintendo ds lite
nintendo ds lite

nintendo_ds_lite.jpgSales figures for consoles
in the U.S. over December are out.  To no-one’s surprise, Nintendo
completely creamed Microsoft and Sony – and broke a record in the

Back in December 2002, the
PlayStation 2 shifted 2.7 million units in America, setting a record. 
Now the DS has breezed past that – selling 3.04 million in one month. 
Rumours that there are now three DSes for every one person in the world
were made up by us just now, but probably aren’t far off the truth. 

The Wii took second place in
the sales charts, with 2.1 million offloaded, therefore earning Nintendo
enough money to buy God. 

Full stats ACTIVATE: 

DS – 3,040,000 units

Wii – 2,150,000

Xbox 360 – 1,440,000

PSP – 1,020,000

PlayStation 3 – 726,000

PlayStation 2 – 410,000 

The total hardware spend in
the U.S. for December came to $1.88 billion USD, totalling $7.81 billion
for the year.  And that’s just one country… 

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