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Creative launches Vado HD camcorder in UK

vadohd creative
vadohd creative

Not sure that HD was made for tiny screens, but that hasn’t stopped Creative launching  its Vado HD camcorder in Europe.

Vado HD is the size of a phone and shoots video in 720p. There is also
an HDMI port integrated into the device and outputs video at 1080i.

it comes with an HDMI cable as well. The screen, however, is only a
2-inch affair, so perhaps not great to see your high definition effots.

It comes with 8GB of storage and can store up to two hours of footage. Which is also how long the battery last.

is also a USB connector so it can be pretty much used as a flash drive
and upload your happy slapping videos up to the web.

The device will retail for £209.99.

Link: Creative