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Wiinoma TV to launch on Wii

wii small
wii small

wii_small.jpgMaybe you have gotten bored of Wii Tennis and the Wii Fit balance Board
seems a tad passe, you might want to use your Wii to watch some new
telly as Nintendo is gearing up to launch a channel on the console.

Called Wiinoma, the TV channel was announced late last year (see our news story

Video-on-demand service coming to Wii
) with advertising agency Dentsu being brought into make original programming for the nascent channel.

The channel looks likely to be free initially and offer Wii owners access to videos via the console’s web connection.

Programme-wise, Wiinoma will show cartoons, brain-training quizzes, cookery shows, educational telly and lifestyle shows.

While the launch will initially be focues on Japan, many news reports
have said other regions around the world will also get the service by
the end of this year.