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Mercedes McLaren unveils Stirling Moss SLR

mercedes mclaren slr stirling moss
mercedes mclaren slr stirling moss

Mercedes McLaren can
make a decent car out of a Benz it has to be said. So it’s good to hear
that it has a new model named after an old racing legend.

SLR Stirling Moss is named after Mercedes all-time successful racing
driver and sports a light carbon-fibre body and is fitted with a 641
horsepower V8 supercharged 5.8 litre engine
that gets to 60mph in less than 3.5 seconds.

The beast has a top speed of 271mph thanks to its flat underbody and large rear diffuser -which both give it maximum downforce at the rear axle.

The interior is sparse and has no frills – it is a car for fast driving
not looking good in. That said, it does have a metal plate around the
automatic gear selector with Moss’s signature on it – nice!

If you want the car it will set you back a credit-crunching £591,000
and your can really buy it unless you are hand-picked by the company
and have shown loyalty to the SLR brand (not sure what that means –
maybe you have to kiss someone’s ring)

That said there will only be 75 SLR Stirling Moss cars and will
be available from the middle of 2009.


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