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This remote control is a wind-up

wind up remote control
wind up remote control

When remote controls run out of juice it can be frustrating to find batteries to make
it go again. Luckily one manufacturer has managed to stop us getting
wound up over dead remotes by making a zapper that, err, winds up.

The Wind-up Remote Control from EZ Power just needs 30 turns on its jog
shuttle dial at the base of the device to make it function. The turning
action builds up power in its rechargable batteries in the same way
those Trevor Baylis wind-up radios work.

After said amount of turns the device is fully charged and good to go
for several days before requiring more turns. Not only that, it is a
universal remote meaning that it will control all your boxes, such as a
DVD, TV, Sky+ or cable.

One user of the unit said that "there was more than enough time to carry out this operation in the ad
breaks. The obvious plus of the remote is that you never need, run out
of, or have to dispose of batteries again."

The zapper costs under £20 and can be bought from the Ethical Superstore.