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Fifa 09 tops Xmas chart

call of duty 4
call of duty 4

call_of_duty_4.jpgWe all thought that EA’s Call of Duty: World at War would be a shoe-in
for the top spot this Christmas but it turns out that the games
company’s other popular title, Fifa 09 would get the late winner and
the number one – The boy done good!

The footie game managed to sell more than 27,000 units this festive
season to give the company its eighth consecutive holiday one one
(C’mon Cowell another few years yet).

While these two sit atop the chart, propping them up is Mario Kart Wii
(helped by the TV ads) and Need for Speed: Undercover. Brain Training comes fifth.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village managed an eighth place from just about nowhere. GTA IV managed to sneak back into the top 40 just.