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WiFi use driven by Apple iPhone

apple iphone in hand
apple iphone in hand

apple_iphone_in_hand.jpgThe use of WiFi in the UK and
the US is increasing and its thanks to us using our iPhones and other
wireless-enabled smartphones, according to new research.

The study carried out be mobile advertising company AdMob
found that eight percent of advertising requests in the UK were from
WiFi networks in November this year, up from four percent in August.

company said that WiFi handsets, such as the iPhone and the Nokia N95
as well as other WiFi devices such as the iPod Touch, were driving
higher usage of hotspots.

Worldwide requests from iPhones increased 52 per cent
month over month to 359 million in November, making the iPhone responsible for 6.3 per cent of
total advertising requests. In the US, the iPhone was responsible for 9.9 per cent of requests.

the US, 42 per cent of iPhone requests are made from WiFi hotspots and this was a higher than
most other WiFi phones which average between 10 per cent and 20 per cent.