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Carphone Warehouse now giving away Nokia PAYG mobiles

nokia 1650
nokia 1650

Not sure if the economy has gotten worse overnight but apparently the Carphone
Warehouse has gone from selling phones for less than the price of a
pint to not charging for them at all. You can get a brand new Nokia
1650 mobile phone for nothing (Although you still have to buy airtime).

The new phone comes for free as long as you shell out for £30 of
talktime. In the deal you also get unlimited text messages as well so
your Christmas can be text-tastic.

As expected from these ultra-cheap phones (see our Motorola phone story and Samsung B130 article), they are feature-lite. You can call, text, listen to the radio on the built-in FM receiver and that’s about it.

The stand-out feature of the phone is that it only needs charging once
every 17 days so you could take it on holiday and forget the charger
just about.

The phone is available though a number of different Orange tariffs such
as Dolphin, Canary, Raccoon, Mongoose, Elephant and Sabre-tooth Tiger.

All-in-all a reasonably good deal.

Link: Carphone Warehouse Nokia 1650