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BBC may offer iPlayer to rivals

bbc iplayer
bbc iplayer

bbc_iplayer.jpgWell, it
is Christmas. And it looks like the BBC has an idea of what to get
ITV and Channel 4 – the iPlayer.

Ofcom has been investigating stakeholders’ views on public
service broadcasting, and is due to imminently publish its
recommendations. Reports indicate that the Beeb is facing the prospect of sacrificing a portion of licence fees unless it can come
up with an alternative solution to give its rivals, particularly
Channel 4, who are £150m a year behind, a boost – the
other suggestion is that some of BBC Worldwide control is handed to
C4, which BBC bosses don’t fancy the sound of.

So, the
concept of the iPlayer becoming the industry standard for
video-on-demand services seems the best bet. BBC insiders are
apparently of the opinion that their technology thrashes the
competitors’ hollow, and that offering it would help ITV and C4
slash programming costs. However, Ofcom have to judge a) whether the
deal would offer enough assistance, b) how valuable the offer is and
c) whether the iPlayer genuinely does outstrip the likes of 4oD
before any decision can be made.

If your
writer can be permitted a personal opinion for a moment – do
it, do it now. I still haven’t seen Dead Set because
4oD hates my computer, and iPlayer has never caused me a moment’s