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Nintendo to launch DS eBook reader

nintendo dsi open
nintendo dsi open

nintendo_dsi_open.jpgSo maybe you didn’t go out nd buy Sony’s eBook reader when it launched
a few months ago, but it would seem that you will be able to read Jane
Austin on your Nintendo DS handheld console.

The 100 Classic Book Collection hits the console on Boxing day (thereby
missing completely the Christmas rush) and will cost £19.99 (cheaper
than an Amazon Kindle). The books will be published in collaboration
with HarperCollins.

The console can be held like a book while reading and you can use the
stylus to turn pages. There are also search and bookmark functions and
more books can be downloaded wirelessly.

Among the 100 classic tomes are 21 Shakespeare plays, 13 Dickens
novels, Jane Austen, Charlott Bronte, Thomas Hardy and Herman Melville.
There is also Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, Alexandre Dumas,
Jules Verne and Robert Louis Stevenson, Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift,
Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe and even some hardcore content from D. H.

While the screen probably isn’t the best to read literary classics, it will at least get the kids learning something.

Link: Nintendo’s book club

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