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Swede wilts after marathon World of Warcraft session

wow lich king
wow lich king

wow_lich_king.jpgWorld of
Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King may have been the biggest
entertainment launch in recent history but it hasn’t all been good news
for the game as reports of a teenager taken ill after spending 24 hours
straight playing the MMORPG.

According to reports, the 15-year-old schoolboy and his friends were playing the game when he suffered what appeared to be an
epileptic seizure.

"They played all day and all night. Maybe they got a few hours of sleep. They
ate a little food and breakfast at their computers," the boy’s father told
the Kvällsposten newspaper in Sweden.

The game was launched last week and already the company
behindit, Blizzard Entertainment reckons that it will weather the
economic storms engulfing the world’s financial markets.

"If you look at the value that we provide for £8.99 a month, versus the
other forms of entertainment, there’s no cheaper entertainment. When
the economy is difficult, things that are inexpensive, that are
immersive and a ton of fun, especially when it’s the most inexpensive
form, why not?" Executive at Blizzard, Paul Sams told VideoGamer.com.

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