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Sky offers online pay TV service

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sky_logo.jpgWatching your favourite telly programs over the internet is getting
more popular nowadays. Although the appeal of watching Doctor Who in a
small window and having the action stop and start because of internet
congestion is somewhat questionable. Despite that, Sky is launching a counterpart to BBC’s iPlayer in the form of its Sky Player.

The pay TV service will offer programming from channels such as Sky1, Sky Arts, Sky Movies, Sky News and Sky
Real Lives as well as non-Sky content from the BBC, National
Geographic, the History Channel and ESPN Classic.

The new service will mean that people can watch Sky without having to stick a dish up or have their home cabled.

But Sky admitted that the service won’t quite replace the television yet.

"While the laptop won’t replace the TV experience for most people,
creating more choices to allow customers to choose the option that
suits their lifestyle," said Mike Darcey, Sky’s Chief Operating
Officer, at the Media Guardian Changing Broadcast conference in London.

Customers will be able to choose from a number of online subscription
packages, while existing Sky TV customers can access
to Sky Player’s on-demand content in line with their usual TV

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