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Pioneer launches LX010BD Blu-ray Home Cinema system

pioneer bluraysystem
pioneer bluraysystem

If you have around £2000 to spend (not easy in these credit crunch times) then you might want to splash out on Pioneer’s latest Blu-ray home cinema system (at least you’ll b saving on the oversized popcorn and pop).

The LX01BD is designed to complement the company’s range of award-winning Kuro tellies.

The LX01BD Blu-ray player is a Profile 1.1 device with full 1080p
resolution and HDMI Deep Colour support, which means that the colurs
are better somehow.

There are two HDMI connetions in and anohter going out so you can hook up your Sky HD box or Xbox 360.

Sound-wise it has an integrated 5.1 channel amplifier and comes with compact dodecahedron
technology satellite speakers that should belt out sound in all directions.

The system sports two combined front/centre speakers and two rear
speakers. The rear speakers can be put at the front as well. There is also a
subwoofer-receiver with dual-drive subs to better handle the lower frequencies.

It should also handle DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD sound formats.

The system is controlled via an LCD touchscreen remote or by Pioneer’s
KURO LINK,which uses the telly’s remote to control the system.