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Orange snaps up LG-KF300

lg kf300 purple
lg kf300 purple

LG KF300It seems the future’s Orange for fans of LG‘s latest slim clamshell. The handset maker has inked an exclusive deal with the mobile phone firm for the LG-KF300. 

It’s light and slim at 16.2mm thick and 96g, but the LG-KF300 has a hidden sub-LCD screen with an extra large keypad.

That includes keys designed for users who want quick access to ‘hot key’ functions such as the phone book, text messages, calendar and alarm clock.

The size of font can also be adjusted easily for consumers who want to supersize their text for easier reading, making it "an exceptionally user-friendly handset".

 “With its large screen, easy-to-use shortcut keys, variable font sizes and basic menu structure, the LG-KF300 is designed for users who just want to call and text but still have a strong to desire to own a slim, attractive handset,” says Jeremy Newing, head of LG UK mobile marketing, LG Electronics. “We are delighted to announce the LG-KF300’s exclusivity with Orange, which sees another great addition to LG’s growing value range.”

The LG-KF300’s key features include:
* 2.2-inch screen
* Stereo Bluetooth
* MP3 player
* FM radio
* Optional external 2GB Micro SD card, while photos taken with its 2
* Two-megapixel camera.

The LG-KF300 is available now in Orange stores or from the Orange website on a 24 month contract from £15 per month.