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Liberty Sim falls to 10 quid

virgin mobile liberty sim
virgin mobile liberty sim

Virgin Mobile Liberty Sim logoVirgin Mobile has created a new package for its Libery Sim. A crisp tenner a month now gets you 200 minutes and 200 texts, which Virgin says is more minutes for that price than any other UK network.


"With a monthly rate contract of between £10 and £30, and a contract cancellation period of 30 days, Virgin Mobile is giving its customers complete control over how they use their mobile," a Virgin suit said.

The tariff sees customers keep their existing handset and even transfer their existing number from any network to Virgin Mobile in just two days.

Those who need a new handset can save towards one using the Liberty Sim upgrade allowance.

"For every £100 a customer spends on top up, Virgin Mobile will give them £10 towards their next phone – up to £100 in total," the suit said.

"Virgin Mobile is the only network in the UK to offer this upgrade perk to Sim-only customers."

The 200 mins/200 texts £10 Liberty Sim tariff is currently available from Virgin Media stores nationwide, online and by phoning 0845 600 0070.