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Virgin waves five pound dongle at mobile broadband users

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virgin_media_logo.jpgSorry, but we cannot stop ourselves from using this turgid figure of speech today but the news of dongles keep coming. Virgin Media have a tempting offer to users with a mobile broadband service for just £5 per month.

will get 1GB of data usage per month for 500 pennies if they sign a 12
month contract. This deal is dependent on the customer signing up for
either Virgin Media’s XL (20 Mbps) or L (10 Mbps) cable services.
Alternatively you can also get the £5 deal if you use its ADSL Bundle 1

Consumers who just want the mobile broadband without the cable service have to pay £10 per month for the same 1GB service.

The 1GB USB dongle comes with the service for a one-off fee of £25; monthly usage over the 1GB is charged at 1.46 pence per MB.

1GB mobile broadband is great for people who need home broadband but
also want access to the internet on the move," said Graeme Oxby of
Virgin Media.