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TomTom targets daily drivers

tomtom go 940 live
tomtom go 940 live

TomTom Go 940 LiveTomTom has launched a range of satellite navigation devices aimed specifically at high-mileage drivers or those who use their vehicle everyday. The Go x40 Live series are TomTom’s first ever devices to include a sim card and can therefore be updated more frequently than simply connecting to TomTom Home on the net…


The device also uses multiple sources to deliver what TomTom is calling "HD traffic" – because the communication function allows TomTom to share much more information with users.

HD traffic combines multiple sources – including current update services and government systems. However, it also tracks the anonymous locations of every Vodafone user in the UK to match them to traffic flows (which sounds a bit Dark Knight, to us).

The Live service is free for the first three months, with a fee of £7.99 a month after that. Users can cancel at any time, which mhat means there’s no minimum contract even though it’s a sim-based service.

The device also promises better lane guidance with more information, as well as improvements in voice-operated features that are designed to make interfacing with the device much safer.

Other options include a fuel price checker, which TomTom claims can save a  driver up to £250 a year. There’s also access to Road Angel updates, which can locate the 5,000 mobile cameras on the roads everyday – another benefit of the connectivity.

Even though the x40 series includes a Sim card, TomTom CEO Corinne Vigreux said it is completely transparent and requires no configuration by the user.

"We want people to get to the shop, get it in their car and drive," she said.

Prices for the x40 series depend on the maps that come with each model:
* TomTom Go 940 Live with European and US maps: £449.99 (plus £50 fuel card while stocks last)
* TomTom G0 740 Live with 32 European maps: £349.99 (plus £40 fuel card while stocks last)
* TomTom Go 540 Live with UK and Ireland maps: £299.99 (plus £30 fuel card while stocks last).

Official availability is mid-November but TomTom’s product manager said: "We’re shipping the first-ever TomTom connected devices today and hopefully we’ll see them in the shops at the weekend."