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TomTom predicts the future

ian pearson futurologist
ian pearson futurologist

Ian Pearson, professional futurologistTomTom is showing off what it calls the "future of sat-nav" today. Ian Pearson, futurologist, takes a look at how the world will be thanks to technology…

* Cars will communicate with each other to let them know how long it is taking to get to places.

* Contact lenses will map London as you drive using surface emitting lasers.

* The world wide web and the real world will be overlayed. You will be able to see anything you can experience on the web in the real world. "You’ll be able to remove all the ugly people from the streets of London and replace them with Claudia Schiffer," Pearson said.  

* By 2025 many cars and vans will be able to drive themselves just centimetres apart on electronic routes. "This will help an ageing society," Pearson said.